Sherman’s Way

Posted in Comedy, Current Releases, October 2010, PG-13, Worldwide on January 7th, 2011

The life of Yale law student Sherman (Michael Shulman) takes an unexpected turn when he decides to follow his girlfriends (Lacey Chabert) advice and take more chances in life. She meant their relationship. But Sherman’s new spontaneity lands him in the car seat next to Palmer, a washed-up, cheerfully eccentric former Olympic athlete. Dumped and cut off from his Mother’s funds, Sherman has to travel to Southern California for an important job opportunity. But with oddball Palmer at the wheel, will he reach his destination before his sanity runs out? The road holds many funny and revealing curves along the way, including a possibility of new love and a chance for the former sportsman to prove himself again. For anybody whoever dreamed of following his/her impulses, ”Sherman’s Way” provides the ultimate clash between snob and slob.