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Sh*t Saves the World

Posted in 2023, Documentary, Featured, July 2023 on March 28th, 2023

This documentary provides an intriguing and humorous glimpse into our species’ impact on the Earth by exploring how one of the most simple and obvious solutions to aid the environment may lie in what we often look down upon as waste. It just may be that the hero we all need, but don’t deserve, shall be apparent when ‘Sh*t Saves the World.’

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Rent a Groom

Posted in 2023, Comedy / Romance, Featured, July 2023, Romantic Comedy on March 28th, 2023

To fulfill her grandma’s last wish to see her married, Tracey hires a man to play the role of her fiancĂ©. But as their white lie snowballs into a fiasco, the couple’s roleplaying becomes so believable that what starts out as fake, may just be real love.

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Coffee Wars

Posted in 2023, Comedy, Featured, July 2023 on March 28th, 2023

CafĂ©-owner Jo is doing her best to stay afloat , but nothing seems to be going her way. She can make a latte better than anyone, but her customers have trouble getting past one thing: her coffee shop is vegan. Drowning in debt, Jo and her team gear up as the underdogs for the World Barista Championships, where she’ll face her archrival Rudy. Jo will finally have a chance to prove herself and, most importantly, win the big cash prize.

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