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American Rackets

Posted in 2023, Documentary, Featured, June 2023 on March 15th, 2023

In 1978, Rocco “Rocky” Napoli takes control of the family’s gambling business from father James “Jimmy Nap” Napoli. Jimmy Nap ran the largest numbers operation in the country for over thirty years. Members of the Genovese crime family, both were arrested in 1988 for the alleged murder plot of Jon Gotti and brother Gene.

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If I Could Ride

Posted in 2023, Drama, Featured, June 2023 on March 15th, 2023

The story of two teenage girls with totally different backgrounds—One girl, Jodie was born with a physical disability. She and her mother live on a run down old farm. With the recent passing of her dad, Jodie’s mother Sandy, works two jobs to make ends meet. Jodie’s dream is to own and ride a horse and even eventually compete in a horse show. However, physical and financial problems make this quite impossible.

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The Honeymoon

Posted in 2023, Comedy, Featured, June 2023 on March 15th, 2023

Adam and his bride, Sarah are about to embark on the romantic honeymoon of a lifetime in Venice. But when the trip is gatecrashed by Adam’s best friend, Ed, it inadvertently turns their perfect lovers’ holiday into a complete disaster.

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