Free Wheels East

Posted in Current Releases, Documentary, June 2011, N/A, Worldwide on February 28th, 2011

Free Wheels East is the inspiring story of two young men who without any experience of the world or any training forge an ambitious plan to ride bicycles in every continent of the world without the use of airplanes. To achieve this unlikely goal would make them the first human beings to do so.

In this epic three-year journey, cousins, Ben Wylson and Jamie Mackenzie, battle through landslides, traverse steep mountain passages, cross deserts and hitch rides on container ships across the world’s great oceans. They even become the first people to ride in the desolate and frozen tundra of East Antarctica. It seems nothing can stop them.

Throughout their journey, Ben and Jamie not only discover the wonder and beauty of the world, but they also discover the warmth and compassion of people the world over. From the streets of Melbourne, Australia, to a small mining town in Northern China, the boys discover that language and distance are no barriers to human connection.

Narrated by Emmy Award-winner Peter Coyote, FREE WHEELS EAST is a story of inspiration that challenges all of us to go into the world and find our own adventure.

Genre: Documentary
R/T: 92
Rating: N/A
Director: Ben Wylson, Jamie Mackenzie
Starring: Ben Wylson, Jamie Mackenzie
Release: Worldwide