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(39×30 minutes)


Welcome to taste the world with us!

When more and more people want to explore the fruits of life, World Taster is the perfect pathfinder in the search for new experiences in travel, food and beverage, preferably at the same time. Let’s travel all around the world together – in quest for the best of life.

World Taster let’s you taste both the world and all its delicacies. Follow the salmon from the Norwegian Arctic Sea on it´s way to the Japanese sushi master chefs in Tokyo. Learn about the sun-ripe grapes in California, Australia or Italy, on their journey from vine to delicious wines – or famous French cognac. Share our excitement in the encounter with people and spices in Southeast Asia. Marvel over the skills of great chefs and how they, like magicians, transform gifts from Mother Earth into unforgettable new taste sensations. World Taster introduces you to new people, places and impressions from parts of the world you always dreamed of going to – or places you didn’t even know existed.


Episode 1
On The Rocks – Scotland

The Irish were first, but the Scots are the biggest producers of Uisge beatha [ishke ba’ha] – the “water of life” or whisky. On this island-hopping trip to Scotland and Ireland you will become acquainted with how this very unique type of water is made and how the experts prefer to drink it. Come with us and enjoy whisky, local food specialities and equally typical music!

Episode 2
The cheese platter – Sweden and France

In our search for the best things in life, we come across a magnificent cheese platter, funny stories and some very happy goats along the road. Join World Taster on a trip to the north of Sweden to make cheese, which we pair with Riesling wine from the vineyards in Alsace in north eastern France.

Episode 3
All natural – America and Sweden

In this all-nature episode of World Taster, we will tempt your taste buds with both delicious wines from sunny California and with tasty food from Sweden. We will take you all the way from a small island in the Stockholm archipelago to Napa Valley on the American west coast, with a stopover in an old open-pit mine. There you will discover a unique, truly amazing, musical experience.

Episode 4
Down Under – Australia

Come along and join World Taster on a trip to Australia to experience how great wines are made – and what are the best dishes to serve with them. Unrestrained curiosity and a cork screw mark our search for insight into Australia and its wine culture.

Episode 5
Spicy – Malaysia

Do you enjoy hot food adventures? We certainly hope so because in today’s episode, World Taster lets you savour the flavours of Malaysia. As you sample the traditional spicy food of this country along the Straits of Malacca, we will take you on a trip to the sun drenched beaches of Penang and Langkawi islands, as well as to the ultra modern skyline of the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Episode 6
Moving on – Croatia and America

Today World Taster will take you to Croatia, on the eastern Adriatic coastline. You will experience both the past and present as we walk on the famous wall ring in Dubrovnik and the less famous – but much longer – wall ring of Ston. We also make a stopover in California to try out some very special wines.

Episode 7
In praise of the olive – Italy

“A day without wine is like a day without sun”, as the Italians say. World Taster takes you on a search for sun and wine – as well as another Italian speciality, olive oil – in classical regions like Umbria, Tuscany, Piedmont and Valpolicella

Episode 8
Aruba Ariba – Holland and the Caribbean

World Taster invites you on a trip that starts in the Dutch capital Den Haag and takes you to the Caribbean, to the former Dutch colony of Aruba – the A in the so called ABC-islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Aruba is an exotically enticing mix of salt and sweet, wet and dry.

Episode 9
Not only tulips – Holland

If you are looking for new inspiration in the kitchen, then come along as World Taster takes you to Amsterdam. The Netherlands once had colonies like Indonesia, Suriname and the Antilles – and the abundance of restaurants from all over the world make it a city full of one-of-a-kind sensations for your taste buds.

Episode 10
Rhineland, wineland – Europe

On this very special episode of World Taster, the Swedish game chef Erik Brännström takes you on a trip via European waterways. We start at Svartälven – or Black River – in the deep forests in Sweden and end up in the German wine district Rheinland Pfalz after a stopover in Cologne, along the broad Rhine River, for a very special beer.

Episode 11
Meet Malta – Malta

Welcome to the biggest Mediterranean port and one that has made an unforgettable impact on food and wine on Malta. As World Taster will show you, it is a small island filled with big taste sensations. Along the way some sisters on Malta’s neighbouring island of Gozo inspire our chef to create a grand dinner, prepared in the Swedish archipelago.

Episode 12
So Sushi – Norway and Japan

World Taster takes a closer look at salmon. Follow the modern salmon – a true globetrotter – on its migration from the Norwegian Arctic Sea to the fish markets and sushi restaurants in the hot, pulsating food centres of Tokyo, Japan.

Episode 13
Anti-stress in Cognac – France

In today’s stressful society we all need opportunities to wind down and reflect. Join us as World Taster visits the French town of Cognac, which proudly follows its own anti-modern ways. The town, as well as the famous liquor that carries the town’s name, offers a unique lesson in patience, knowledge and taste.

Episode 14
Timeless – Artic and Spain

Time gets a new meaning when World Taster takes you on a trip to Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. Your travelling companions as you experience the impressive wide-open panoramas are strong, persistent and fat. But the Arctic fish and Spanish red wine will more than make up for your exertions.

Episode 15
5 000 kilometres – Europe

5,000 kilometres – that’s the distance you will cover in today’s episode of World Taster. We start with a hunting trip on the Pasvik Taiga along the Arctic Circle in Norway, and end up in Saint Tropez in southern France where chef Sylvain serves an exotic, uniquely delicious take on tuna fish.

Episode 16
Say “cheese”! – France

Say “cheese” and the history of French Languedoc appears in a glass of tasteful, red wine. Say “cheese” and you will be brought to the home of the famous Roquefort cheese. Say “cheese” and today’s episode of World Taster begins!

Episode 17
Christmas delights – Europe

In today’s episode, World Taster samples different Christmas delicacies – from pike fresh out of the Finnish lakes to goose liver in French Alsace. Santa Claus invites you to a sledge ride through the Finnish wilderness, with a stopover in the charming city of Turku.

Episode 18
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles – Iceland and France

Come along on a sparkling trip to Iceland and France! In today’s episode, World Taster arranges a sizzling encounter between the bubbling, hot springs of Iceland and the legendary sparkling wines from the Champagne region in France.

Episode 19
With cod fish as guide – Europe

On today’s episode, World Taster takes you on a wet trip – with cod fish from the Arctic Ocean as our guide – and our discover a link between northern Norway and southern France through history and art. We know you’ll enjoy the once in a lifetime trip as we experience all the local specialities!

Episode 20
Cha Cha Cha – France

In the search of the fruits of life, World Taster has found Cha Cha Cha – Chardonnay from both Chablis and Champagne. They make a perfect match for today´s fabulous dinner – marinated tuna with tangy apple dressing. Cha Cha Cha!

Episode 21
Cross the line – Norway, Sweden and Spain

According to Norwegian tradition, a proper aquavit has to cross the line – the equatorial line, that is – on board a ship. Visit the Norwegian capital of Oslo with World Taster as we explore the making of the country’s national liquor. We also experience bread baked with herbs in Stockholm, Sweden, and full bodied wines in Spanish Jerez.

Episode 22
Floating gold – Hungary

French king Louis the fourteenth called it “the wine for kings, the king among wines”. In today’s episode, World Taster takes you to Tokaj in Hungary where we harvest the grapes, visit the caves and sample delicious wines partnered with equally amazing food.

Episode 23
In vino veritas – Hungary

In ancient Rome, people believed “In vino veritas” – in wine, the truth. Today World Taster reveals a not-so-well known truth – that there are fabulous wines coming from countries other than Italy and France. In this episode we discover that many fine wines of today come from Hungary. We pair them with spicy dishes and festive music to provide a unique Hungarian experience.

Episode 24
The island of love – Cyprus

Did you know that Cyprus was the island of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite? And that is was on Cyprus the God of wine, Dionysus, first let us earthly beings try wine? Explore Cyprus with World Taster as we unwind in a spa, enjoy the sun and sample the oldest wine in the world still in production.

Episode 25
New friends – Belgium and Sweden

In our search for the flavours of life, World Taster discovers three different delicacies which go surprisingly well together: Belgian beer, exquisite Belgian chocolate and Swedish Grevé cheese.

Episode 26
The other Italy – Italy

It’s time for harvest and a rather remote part of Italy, Abruzzo, shows its best sides. World Taster takes you on a tasting trip to the vineyards and restaurants in a national park before embarking to Sweden for a mouth-watering game experience.

Episode 27
Bush Wine – South Africa

In this World Taster episode we take you to South Africa to discover more about combining South Africa’s food and wines. Along the way we go on a fascinating drive through an African Game reserve to have a closer look at the wild animals.

Episode 28

Come with us as we cruise between Stockholm and Helsinki, where you can enjoy great food and spectacular wines as well as get a special wingtip from Mr Torres himself.

Episode 29

Today World Taster gives new meaning to the phrase “chill out” as we take you on an ice cold trip to a unique hotspot far up North. In Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden you can stay in a hotel that is a piece of art – completely created from ice. We combine this icy experience with chef Erik Brännström´s delicious food.

Episode 30
New Flavours

Join World Taster as we head to the land of smiles – Thailand. A paradise where many choose to have a second home, discover new tastes and learn why so many dream of visitng Thailand one day.

Episode 31
Coastal Line

Today World Taster takes you on a unique journey along the coastal line of Norway between Tromsö and Kirkenes. You’ll experience the light, the weather and the amazingly good food, not to mention a special safari to hunt for King Crabs.

Episode 32
Catching The Dream

Discover the joys of playing golf in Thailand as we experience a tasteful combination of golf and food. You will also meet a real Thai prince along with legendary ice hockey player Borje Salming and creative dream catchers, who job is to help you catch and fulfil your dreams.

Episode 33

We discover the secret behind swedish pearls as we visit castels and mansions in an effort to nurture our body and soul.

Episode 34
Taste Of The Mediterranean

World Taster takes you out in the archipelago outside Stockholm, where our chef is inspired by the Mediterranean to create some unique fusion food experiences.

Episode 35

World Taster travels to Cyprus as we learn about the very special cheese Halloumi and why there is no better place in the world to have a second home than this “island of love”.

Episode 36

World Taster goes to Åland, a island in the Baltic sea. Come with us as we go out in the archipelago to fish and enjoy the good life. And speaking of the good life, we try the famous Ålvados that is world renown from the island.

Episode 37

We journey from the famous wine district of Bordeaux to the meet the equally famous perfume nose at Dior, where we learn more about the history of perfume and intoxicating scents as they travel from the flowers in Grasse to a bottle of perfume.

Episode 38
The Pencil

In this unique life experience, World Taster travels on an adventurous journey together with the designer Bengt Ek, as we follow his artistic gift from his early sketches all the way into full production in China and Hong Kong.

Episode 39
Gran Canaria

World Taster takes you to the Canary Island where we explore this fascinating island and meet the people along with their unique and flavourful cuisine.