Lattitudes and Attitudes

Posted in Short Subject, Travel on April 25th, 2012

(39×30 minutes)


Based on the internationally renowned monthly print magazine by the same name, Latitudes & Attitudes is a weekly 30-minute series that takes viewers on wonderfully exciting visual journeys to the most sought-after cruising destinations in the world.

Featuring larger-than-life world cruiser Bob Bitchin, founder and publisher of Latitudes & Attitudes, the show is co-hosted by Courtney Haas, formerly of Fox Sports’ “5-4-3-2-1.” With lovely Courtney anchoring each show, we’ll join cruisers on their adventures all over the world – from the South Pacific, to the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean.

Latitudes & Attitudes highlights real people out cruising on their own boats, as well as some of the most beautiful, pristine waters of the world. Our “Safe and Sound with Captain Jack” segment stars the entertaining and informative Jack Klang – an award-winning author and Coast Guard licensed Captain whose safe boating seminars attract standing only crowds at boat shows. In “New Design Review,” we’ll take an in-depth look at a fabulous new cruising yacht – from blue water sailboats to long range ocean-going trawlers. “I Found it at the Boat Show” demonstrates the latest and best boating gear available on the market today. Short comedy vignettes, home movies from people out cruising the world, and an “Andy Rooney” style editorial from Bob Bitchin himself rounds out the show.


Show 01 – “Premiere”

Meet hosts Bob Bitchin and Courtney Haas aboard s/v SAGA. Featuring “Other People’s Paradise”, “San Souci Maiden Voyage”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, ATN’s Top Climber, and Tartan 4400 review.


Show 02 – “Miami Boat Show – Part 1”

From the exhibitors tent at the Miami Boat Show. Featuring Discover Sailing, “Distant Shores – Gibraltar”, “Jabula’s Downwind Panama Sail”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, Leisurefurl In-boom Furler, and a musical tour of “The Lost Soul”.

Show 03 – “Miami Boat Show – Part 2”

From the in-the-water sailboat display at the Miami Boat Show. Featuring the “Kalmar Nyckal”, “Austin’s Adventures – Heading for Cabo”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, Clamptite, and Sabre 426 review.

Show 04 – “Tall Ship Unicorn”

Sailing aboard the Tall Ship Unicorn in the Gulf of Mexico. Featuring “Distant Shores – Balearic Islands”, “My Month in Ziuat”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, The Eco Blast, and Classic Plastic: Tayana 37.

Show 05 – “Dry Tortugas”

From the Dry Tortugas National Park. Featuring “Project Bluesphere – The Search”, “Venezuelan Wash Day”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Island Packet 420 review.

Show 06 – “Key West”

From the Key West, Florida. Featuring “Project Bluesphere – The Search”, “Austin’s Adventures – Ocean Crossing”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, TropiKool, and Classic Plastic: Hans Christian 43.

Show 07 – “Antiques of the Sea”

From Sunset Beach, California. Featuring “Distant Shores – After the Storm”, “Whales off P.V.”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and a tour of the Pirate Soul Museum.

Show 08 – “Pier 39”

From the Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. Featuring “Tangier Island”, “Topping off Tanks”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, Sea Breathe, and C&C 99 review.

Show 09 – “Lats & Atts Booth & Bash”

From Jack London Square in Oakland, California. Featuring “Project Bluesphere – Refitting Namaste”, “Austin’s Adventures – Tahiti”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, World of Boating Radio, and Hunter 38 review.

Show 10 – “South Beach”

From the hottest spot in Miami, Florida. Featuring “Huatulco, Mexico”, “s/v Pacifc Bliss”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Custom Cruiser: s/v Jolly Bear.

Show 11 – “Coconut Grove”

From the Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne, Florida. Featuring “Distant Shores – Cuitadella to Mahon”, “Columbia River Gorge”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, Mast Mate, and Saga 409 review.

Show 12 – “Maritime Institute”

From the Maritime Institute in San Diego, California. Featuring “Norwegian Boat Builders”, “Anchoring with a Bridle”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, Rescue Tape, and Custom Cruiser: Gulf 40.

Show 13 – “Fiji”

From a quick stop in Fiji on the way to cruising in Tonga. Featuring “Project Bluesphere – Relaunching Namaste”, “South Pacific Dance”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Hunter 36 review.

Show 14 – “Tonga – Part 1”

Our special opening episode from the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. Features getting there, provisioning the charter boats, and setting out. Includes Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 15 – “Tonga – Part 1”

Further adventures cruising the Kingdom of Tonga. Features “Distant Shores – Isle of Menorca”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 16 – “Long Beach”

From the country’s largest municipal marina in Long Beach, CA. Featuring “Project BlueSphere – Circumnavigation Begins”, “Austin’s Adventures – Bora Bora”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, “Custom Cruiser: Wood Duck”, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 17 – “Advanced Cruising Seminar”

This annual event takes place in Redondo Beach, CA, and includes such noted sailors as Bob Bitchin, Tania Aebi, John Kretschmer, Captain Jack, and more. Featuring “Cruiser Profile: Captain Woody”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 18 – “Annapolis Boat Show”

From the historic maritime docks of Annapolis, MD. Featuring “Distant Shores – Sailing the Med”, “Custom Cruiser: Diesel Duck”, Ye Ole Cannon Maker, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 19 – “Great Lakes – Part 1”

Cruising the fresh waters of our Great Lakes, from Grand Traverse Bay to Lake Michigan. Featuring “Project Bluesphere – Hurricane Isabelle”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 20 – “Cruiser’s Weekend”

The annual cruise-in at Two Harbors on Catalina Island, CA. Featuring “Land of Mist 1 – Around Vancouver’s Island”, “Norstar”, The Filter Boss, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 21 – “Tonga – Part 3”

The adventures of sailing with Captain Woody on a catamaran in Tonga. Featuring “Project BlueSphere – South on the I.C.W.”, “Austin’s Adventures – Maui Ultralight”, Prism Polish,

Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 22 – “St. Pete Boat Show”

From the Strictly Sail boat show in St. Petersburg, FL. Featuring “Distant Shores – Sicily”, “Custom Cruiser: Adory”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, World of Boating Radio, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 23 – “N.A.R.C. 2005”

The annual North American Rally to the Caribbean, from historic Newport, RI to Bermuda. Featuring “Land of Mist 2 – Around Vancouver’s Island”, “Buccaneer Days”, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 24 – “B.V.I./SailTime”

SailTime’s inaugural Novice to Captain event in the British Virgin Islands. Featuring “Cruiser Profile: Webb Chiles”, new Hunter 31 review, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 25 – “Tonga – Part 4”

The Tongan adventure wraps up with the International Cruiser’s Party on the beach. Featuring “Mounu Island Resort”, new Catalina 350 review, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

Show 26 – “Great Lakes – Part 2”

Fresh water cruising on Grand Traverse Bay ends with the First Annual Great Lakes Cruiser’s Party. Featuring “Distant Shores – Malta”, new Hunter 45CC review, Cruising Tips w/Capt. Jack, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.