Into The Drink

Posted in Short Subject, Travel on April 25th, 2012

(26×30 minutes)


Exploring uncharted waters around the world and being investigated by the creatures that inhabit them … seeking out the unknown within the known … having a few rounds with the locals and flirting tirelessly … eating strange animal parts on the spot … making a ton of new friends along the way … being detained and held at gunpoint in Customs … Welcome to another week in the life of our fearless host.

“Into The Drink” is a different kind of travel show. Hosted by underwater filmmaker and journalist Aaron Faulls, each episode features a new destination and the uncharted waters it holds, as well as the local distilleries, breweries and pubs that are unique and native to that location. On his way to discovering virgin reefs and elusive sea creatures, Aaron takes in the sights and sounds that are off the beaten path. It’s exploration in the truest sense—thumbing his nose at cruise ship ports and orchestrated animal encounters, Aaron is hell-bent on finding out where the wild things are—both on the reefs and in the bars. It would be scarier if, well, they weren’t just like him. “Into The Drink” isn’t just about places unknown, it’s also about the people who call them home. In the quest for adventure, invariably Aaron learns that no matter where he goes, humans are all the same. They want to connect with themselves, their planet and each other, and they want to do it over a really good glass of … something.

Each episode features a different location and a targeted indigenous beverage or spirit unique to that region. Destinations could be as close as Boston or Los Angeles or as remote as Indonesia or the Philippines; part of the must-see allure of the show is watching to see what kind of trouble Aaron can get into on domestic soil as well as abroad.


Eps 101 Turks & Caicos Part 1 – Canadians, casinos and conch genitalia: in hurricane-ravaged Turks & Caicos, where the will of the people is stronger than the power of the storms.

Eps 102 Turks & Caicos Part 2 – Dangerous habits cause issues at sea while pushing further out to sea, into the unknown and, as it turns out, very familiar territory.

Eps 103 Grand Cayman – A rum that’s aged on the ocean floor, a few sea turtles, the subtle art of Caribbean dominoes, girls national rugby team on Grand Cayman.

Eps 104 Honduras Part 1 – In search of the largest fish on the planet, it’s a whirlwind journey full of neoprene romance, an island frozen in time and fire walking…

Eps 105 Honduras Part 2 – An unexpected discovery in a tiny cantina that goes deep into the jungle in search of one of the most closely-guarded secrets in Garifuna culture.

Eps 106 St. Croix – Rum distillery tour, great diving, beer-drinking pigs, jeep adventures and more in the do-it-yourself U.S. Virgin Islands.

Eps 107 Costa Rica Part 1 – It’s a Rich Coast adventure, from the top of the jungle to the depths of the ocean…with a tight-fitting harness and generous helping of volcanic mud.

Eps 108 Costa Rica Part 2 – It’s all here: full-body massages, the purest caffeine anywhere and maybe one too many shots of Guayobayabo in search of Pura Vida.

Eps 109 Fiji – The rich history of the Fijian people and their reverence for the ocean. Mouth numbing Kava ceremonies and endless blue-water.

Eps 110 Guadalupe Mexico – 250 nautical miles off the coast of Mexico, get up close and personal with one of the most feared, misunderstood and, as it turns out, highly social animals in the ocean…but of course, there’s always time for an oil change & discussing maritime drinking laws.

Eps 111 Indonesia – Fruit bats, pythons, crocodile fish and rice liquor…. go into sensory overload in one of the most visually stunning places in the world in Indonesia.

Eps 112 California – one of the most diverse ecosystems anywhere on earth – the kelp forests of Southern California. There may or may not be yoga, wine-tasting, Paso Finos and a sip of Catalina.

Eps 113 Last Call Season 1 – Into The Drink producers and crew show you what it’s really like having to secure chicken fingers, alka-seltzer and nose hair trimmers for a guy who really has no business hosting a travel show.