Posted in Short Subject, Travel on April 25th, 2012

(13×30 minutes)


Veteran US public television host/artist, Gary Spetz, continues in the travel genre with this new 13-episode travel series. Once again, it is the visual travelogue of an artist, emphasizing “the path traveled” to acquire his art.

Color World is designed to appeal to artists and non-artists, alike. It calls upon travelers to open their eyes a bit wider, to further appreciate what may be easily passed by. It is the series’ premise that—in a world of so many “bells and whistles” —simple beauty is often overlooked.

Color World sets off for the Mediterranean, where host Gary explores the fabled city of Venice; the legendary city of Rome; the Renaissance birthplace, Florence; the romantic French/Italian Riviera; the quirky, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona; and the exotic Greek Islands. Then Gary departs for the tropical Hawaiian Island of Maui, followed by episodes of New England and the fall colors of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


Episode #101 Color Venice, Part 1

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz fulfills a childhood dream, by visiting the fabled “city of water streets”: Venice, Italy. Arriving my cruise liner, he explores its many historic narrow channels and paths—seeking reflective water scenes and picturesque windows and doors.


Episode #102 Color Venice, Part 2

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz continues his exploration of Venice—loosing himself in its fascinating maze of narrow paths and waterways.


Episode #103 Color Dubrovnik

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to arrive at the “pearl of the Adriatic”: the ancient city of Dubrovnik. Here he walks its tall, historic city walls—exploring its unique “Old Town” district. Venturing above and beyond the “Old Town,” he seeks different perspectives of this picturesque oceanside gem.


Episode #104 color Santorini

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to arrive at the gem of the Greek Isles, Santorini. Here he explores the unique and picturesque architecture that clings to the steep cliffs of an ancient, partially sunken, volcano.


Episode #105 Color Rome

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to explore Europe’s Mediterranean. He first ventures inland to explore the legendary city of Rome, to find and explore its many famous landmarks, such as The Forum, The Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and Vatican City—purposely getting lost, in-between.


Episode #106 Color Cinque Terre & Florence

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, explores the spectacular cliff-lined coastal villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre, by boat and by foot. Then he ventures inland—into the Tuscany region—where he explores, photographs and paints the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and the great center of art, the beautiful and historic city of Florence.


Episode #107 Color Sicily & Capri

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to reach the Italian island of Sicily. Here he explores the ancient seaside town of Taormina, and its mountainside historic counterpart, Castelmola. From there he crosses over to Naples, Italy, where he travels by ferry boat to the nearby mountainous resort island of Capri.


Episode #108 Color Nafplio-Katakolon-Argostoli

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, arrives in Greece via cruise ship. He visits the ancient ruins of the Greek Olympics, then moves on to explore the charming Greek seaside towns of Nafplio and Argostoli.


Episode #109 Color Barcelona & Monte Carlo

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to arrive at the quirky, cosmopolitan port city of Barcelona, Spain. Here he embarks on foot to explore the lively tree lined Las Ramblas promenade, en route to many of Barcelona’s famous sites, such as Santa Maria del Mar and Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. He then sails down the coast to glitzy Monte Carlo, where he wanders its waterfront, palace and casino grounds.


Episode #110 Color Corfu

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz—sailing aboard a cruise ship—arrives during a spectacular Ionian Sea sunrise, to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. He explores parts of the island and its historic “Old Town” district.


Episode #111 Color Maui

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz photographs and paints the Hawaiian Island of Maui. He explores the picturesque beaches of south Maui, the rugged shores of north Maui, the quaint town of Lahaina, the dramatic Iao Valley, and experiences a glorious sunrise atop Haleakala.


Episode #112 Color New England

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship to photograph and paint New England. He visits New York’s Time Square, Central Park, and Lady Liberty. Then he explores the waterfronts of Boston, Newport, and Maine’s Bar Harbor.


Episode #113 Color Southeastern Canada

Host-Artist, Gary Spetz, sails aboard a cruise ship, in the fall, to photograph and paint along Canada’s Saint Lawrence Seaway. He explores near Halifax and Sydney (Nova Scotia), Prince Edward Island, Saguenay Fjord, and Old Quebec City.