Beyond Adventure

Posted in Lifestyle, Short Subject on April 25th, 2012

(13×30 minutes)


This program is for viewers who believe that the world is their playground. They’ll join real people as they push their personal limits in all corners of the natural world. Viewers feel the power of a Class V rapid on the Wenatchee, the exposure of a 2000 foot sheer granite cliff in Yosemite, the majesty of the mountains of Patagonia, and more! Each episode of Beyond Adventure features inspiring people, new adventures, and remarkable outdoor locations.

Beyond Adventure is a celebration of both the natural world and the human spirit. As people focus on the physical and mental challenges before them, we go beyond the adventure and explore their motivation, perspective, and connection to the world around us.

Episodes include:

  • Rock climbing in Yosemite Valley
  • Photo-trekking in Patagonia
  • Backcountry skiing in Montana
  • Cycling Death Valley
  • Canyoneering near Zion, UT
  • Ice climbing in the
  • Colorado Rockies
  • …and more!


1.  Snow Canyon – Caving and climbing in the deserts of the Southwest.

2.  Puget Sound – Drift diving in the Puget Sound.

3.  Patagonia – Photo trekking in Argentinean Patagonia.

4.  Misery Canyon – Exploring the slot canyons of the Utah desert.

5.  Icicle Creek – Whitewater kayaking in Washington State.

6.  North Coast Trail – Six day backpacking trip along Vancouver Islands North coast.

7.  Mountain Biking – Downhill and XC fun at Mammoth Mountain and Southern CA.

8.  Solo Trekking – Solo wilderness experience at 14,000′ in Colorado.

9.  Lost Arrow Spire – Climbing Yosemite’s Lost Arrow Spire.

10.  Trail Running – A glimpse into the heart and mind of a trail runner.

11.  Stairway to Heaven – Ice climbing in the San Juan mountains of Southwestern CO.

12.  Copper Lakes Basin – Backcountry skiing experience in Montana.

13.  Badwater / Whitney – Lowest to highest! Cycling and hiking from Badwater to Mt. Whitney.