Somebody’s Hero

Posted in Comedy / Family / Romance, November 2012, NR on July 27th, 2012

In the heart-warming family comedy Somebody’s Hero, Dennis Sullivan (Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty), an average New York City accountant, goes unnoticed by his co-workers and boss who refer to him as ghost-like. When his boss assigns him to the account of a wealthy young widow Katie Wells, and her son Jake who’s fascinated with the TV superhero ‘Man-America’, Dennis takes an instant shine to the young boy and his mom. On his way home from their meeting he spies ‘The Imagination Superstore’, where he decides to try on the ‘Man-America’ uniform. But when he steps out of the dressing room he unexpectedly discovers an armed robbery in progress. He bravely takes on the thief and thwarts his efforts to rob the costume store. When security camera footage of the failed heist leaks it causes a media frenzy. Apparently like young Jake, the rest of New York City too needs a superhero to believe in. Now the average guy must become the superhero everyone wants him to be, despite his total lack of super powers.

Genre: Comedy/Family/Romance
R/T: 81 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Darin Beckstead
Starring: Christopher Gorham, Susan Misner and Arthur J. Nascarella