Nebel im August

Posted in Current Releases, Drama, Featured, March 2017, NR, Worldwide, excluding Germany on December 1st, 2016

Southern Germany, early 40s. Ernst, orphan, is a bright but maladjusted boy, labelled “not educable” for his rebellious nature. After a short time, he noted that under the clinic led by Dr. Veit Hausen patients are killed. He fights back and tries to help disabled patients and inmates. Eventually he plans to escape, together with Nandl, his first love. But Ernst is in great danger because hospital management and staff decide on life and death of children.

Genre: Drama
Rights: Worldwide, excluding Germany
R/T: 126
Rating: NR
Director: Kai Wessel
Starring: Ivo Pietzcker, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Schubert