Across The Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright

Posted in 2012, Current Releases, Drama, March 2012, R (to be edited-will be suitable for all cabins), Worldwide on November 29th, 2011

When a Los Angeles fugitive-financier (Aidan Quinn) is discovered hiding out in Tijuana, he and his $2billion stash quickly become prey to three merciless factions: a Mexican drug lord, a Russian mobster, and the FBI.

Desperate to pay off a large debt, a besieged local Narco-head (Andy Garcia), rounds up every crooked cop on his payroll to track down the financier and uncover the fortune that could save his family from a gruesome end. Also chasing the $2billion is a retired Russian mobster, who after being swindled by the charismatic crook, dispatches a lethal mercenary team (led by Luke Goss) to bring his nemesis back dead or alive. It’s also personal for the FBI task force officer (Mario Van Peebles) who let the financier slip through his fingers back in the U.S.; this agent knows that his career rides on returning to the states with the billionaire embezzler in his possession. Who will be first to reach the most wanted man in North America? And who will be alive to tell the story?

Genre: Drama
R/T: 94
Rating: R (to be edited-will be suitable for all cabins)
Director: R. Ellis Frazier
Starring: Aidan Quinn, Andy Garcia and Mario Van Peebles
Release: Worldwide