Posted in Crime, Featured, September 2020, Thriller on May 28th, 2020

Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog, whom they've never met. But when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly. Genre: Crime, Thriller Rights: US, CA, and Bermuda/Bahamas R/T: 117 Rating: R Directors: Clark Duke Writers: Clark Duke, Andrew Boonkrong Cast:…
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People you may know

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Featured, September 2020 on May 28th, 2020

Jed, a 30-something introvert has managed to abstain from social media until now. When prompted with the gargantuan task of defining who he is, he realizes the life he can fake is much more interesting than the life he actually leads. Genre: Comedy, Drama Rights: Worldwide, excluding North America R/T:…
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The quarry

Posted in August 2020, Crime, Featured, Thriller on April 27th, 2020

A drifter kills a traveling preacher and takes his place at a smalltown church, but the police chief suspects foul play. Genre: Chrime, Thriller Rights: North America only R/T: 98 Rating: R Directors: Scott Teems Writers: Scott Teems, Andrew Brotzman (credit), Damon Galgut (novel) Cast: Michael Shannon (Shape of Water,…
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The persian connection

Posted in Action, August 2020, Featured, Mystery on April 27th, 2020

After being wrongly accused of stealing from his former boss, an Iranian gangster with girl problems must hunt down stolen drugs in this neon-noir fever dream set in the bizarre Persian and Russian Los Angeles underworld where obscene reigns supreme. Genre: Action, Mistery Rights: Worldwide, excluding North America R/T: 103…
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I still believe

Posted in Biopic, Featured, July 2020, Music on March 26th, 2020

The true life story of Christian music mega star Jeremy Camp and his remarkable journey of love and loss that proves there is always hope in midst of tragedy and that faith tested is the only faith worth sharing. Genre: Music, Biopic Rights: Worldwide R/T: 115 Rating: PG Directors: Andrew Erwin…
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Posted in Current Releases, Drama / Thriller, Featured on March 26th, 2020

Hunter, a newly pregnant housewife, finds herself increasingly compelled to consume dangerous objects. As her husband and his family tighten their control over her life, she must confront the dark secret behind her new obsession. Genre: Drama, Thriller Rights: Worldwide R/T: 94 Rating:  R Directors: Carlo Mirabella-Davis Writers: Carlo Mirabella-Davis…
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The princess & the dragon

Posted in Animation, Family, Featured, July 2020 on March 26th, 2020

On her seventh birthday, Princess Barbara discovers a magical book that transports her to Wonderland - an enchanted place filled with dragons and other fantastic creatures. Genre: Animated, Family Rights: Worldwide R/T: 75 Rating:  NR Director: Marina Nefyodova Writer: Vasiliy Rovenskiy Cast: Varvara Chaban, Vasiliy Dakhnenko, Lina Ivanova Language: English
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Scotch: A Golden Dream

Posted in Documentary, Featured, June 2020 on February 27th, 2020

Scotch - A Golden Dream tells the story of Uisge beatha - Gaelic for "water of life." Scotch is enjoyed in more than 200 countries, generating over $6 billion in exports each year. For more than a century, Scotch whisky has been the premier international spirit of choice. It is…
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Posted in Animation, Family, Featured, June 2020 on February 27th, 2020

A pampered dog named Trouble escapes and must learn to live in the real world, while trying to escape from his former owner's greedy children. Genre: Animated, Family Rights: Worldwide, excluding North America R/T: 87 Rating: NR Director: Kevin Johnson (The Iron Giant, Open Season) Writer: Jordan Katz, Judah Miller (Axe…
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The Last Full Measure

Posted in Drama, Featured, June 2020 on February 27th, 2020

Hoping that self-employment through gig economy can solve their financial woes, a hard-up UK delivery driver and his wife struggling to raise a family end up trapped in the vicious circle of this modern-day form of labour exploitation. Genre: Drama, War Rights: North America R/T: 116 Rating: R Director/Writer: Todd Robinson…
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