Posted in Action / Crime / Thriler, April 2020, Featured on December 19th, 2019

While released on furlough from prison, a lowly criminal evades his guards and returns to his old haunts to take revenge on the people that made him a cold-hearted killer. It’s an epic, bloody battle to search for the soul he lost years ago on the streets of an unforgiving city.

Genre:Action, Crime
Rights: Worldwide
R/T: 90
Rating: NR
Writers: Jesse V. Johnson (Debt Collector, Hitman Diaries), Stu Small (Debt Collector, Accident Man)
Director: Jesse V. Johnson (Green Street Hooligans 2, The Mercenary)
Starring: Scott Adkins (Expendables series, Doctor Strange), Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger, Eastenders), Thomas Turgoose (This is England)